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Full Service Program With a Reduced Commission

For sale By Owner with multiple Listing access

This is a great option because you can sell by owner, and we'll market your home on the MLS to nearly 3,000 agents.  Our commission rate is negotiated based on your needs and your homes qualifications.

We've provided real estate services since 1976, and have helped thousand of families buy and sell homes.  As proud members of the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years we've never received one complaint.

Whether you choose either one of our For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Support programs or a Full-Service Program you can be assured we will work hard to promote and protect your best interest.  In addition to our 40+ years of real estate experience, we offer 20 years past experience as a Registered Real Estate Appraiser.

We promise to tell you what you need to hear...  Not what we think you want to hear!

Full Service In The Multiple Listing Service

It's not uncommon for sellers to decide they'd rather hire a professional, but they'd still like to save on the commission, that's where this program comes in.

The Benefits You'll Receive

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